Our CSR Practices

Building ethical partnerships

To extend our environmental activism and offset our carbon emissions, we are proud to have partnered with the World Land Trust. As part of their Carbon Balanced Programme, we will be working together to plant hundreds of trees and protect acres of land in South America. The aim of this initiative is to restore carbon-rich habitats, help prevent the release of CO2 and protect vulnerable wildlife.

Our goal to offset our own carbon footprint works in parallel with our investment in sustainability partnerships with key customers and suppliers. We aim to support the environmental goals of these partners and take action on climate change together.

Innovative. Ethical. Thriving

We are on a journey to empower and inspire our people and partners to make a difference locally, nationally and globally through our initiatives.
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By increasing sustainable thinking and engagement with our key initiatives

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We will reduce and offset our carbon emissions, move to renewable energy, plant more trees and protect greater acreage of forest

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By developing industry solutions and infrastructure to support climate action for our communities

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For responsible and ethical long-term growth

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We’ll continue building a resilient and ethical business that promotes equality and prosperity for all

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We commit to making a difference through corporate giving and our key initiatives

1% Net profit contribution

We are committed to playing our small part in helping eradicate poverty and, in the spirit of the UN Goal, donating what we do not use. This commitment starts financially. Bytes has a goal to wholeheartedly support charitable giving efforts by individuals and provide regular, significant donations as a business. Our goal is that, as a combination of individuals and the wider business, we work towards giving the equivalent of 1% of our overall business net profits and personal earnings to charity.

Bytes contributes heavily to this 1% target through its commitment to providing every member of staff one day, fully paid, to dedicate to charitable activities of their choosing per year.

Taking the healthy route

Happy people are the backbone of Bytes. Our hardworking staff have made us successful, so we make their mental and physical health a priority. We have a range of initiatives that promote good health and well-being.

We provide a free gym at Head Office and our other sites have agreements with local gyms including reduced cost membership. We encourage our staff to get active and aim to increase participation in our Cycle to Work scheme, we promote a healthy diet by supplying free fresh fruit to all staff. To help relieve stress, we provide on-site massages. We are also firmly against smoking and have invested in schemes to help staff quit.