Our CSR Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take account of the social, economic and environmental impact of everything we do. We encourage staff to volunteer time to spend with charities and with people who need assistance.

Employee welfare sits right at the top of our priority list and goes hand in glove with our regard for societal impact. We actively participate in as many forms of recycling and carbon reduction as we can. Key to our philosophy is our active and positive effort to encourage diversity and inclusion at all levels within the organisation.

CSR Policy Statement

Technology for good

Bytes believe that modern technology has a positive impact on the world. It offers a path to sustainability, carbon neutrality, equality and education for us all. This is certainly true for the cloud and security solutions that we provide. As a Cloud First business, we encourage our clients to switch to the cloud instead of using energy inefficient on-premise datacentres. We use our security solutions to champion data privacy and protection; ensuring our clients can grow and innovate safely. We also invest heavily in our automation and machine learning consultancy partnerships, so that our clients can benefit from the latest energy efficient innovations on the market today.

UN goals

Our goals are based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. These goals address the challenges faced by humanity and aim to achieve a better, more sustainable future for all. So that nobody is left behind, the UN wants to achieve all of these goals by 2030. We agree with their vision and join them on this path towards change, sustainability and a better planet for everyone.

Lets change the world. Together

Since 1982, we have been on an exciting upward trajectory of growth supported by our vision for social responsibility. We are now focussed on enhancing this by employing more people and partnering with more organisations that share our values. If you or your business shares our sentiment, we encourage you to reach out to us. If you already work at Bytes, please keep up your efforts to enact positive change and inspire your colleagues to do the same. We can make these goals a reality if we unite and work together.